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How to set potency in Homeopathic medicine? : A random question by 'Ali Raza'

More Details: Can any one tell me how to give proper Homeopathic medicine in potency 1x, 2x or so on?

Answer: Homeopathic remedies are prepared through a process called potentization. Potentization involves a series of systematic dilutions and successions (a forceful shaking action). Potentization is important, because it removes all risk of chemical toxicity while activating a remedy substance and enabling it to affect the body therapeutically.

Homeopathic pharmacies operate according to strict guidelines, to ensure that the remedies and potencies are consistent and reliable. The first step in producing a homeopathic remedy is acquiring a pure preparation of the original substance in its natural form (a solution of a mineral salt, a “mother tincture” of a plant, etc.). The original substance is then put through a measured series of dilutions, alternating with succussions, until the desired potency is made.

Homeopathic potencies are designated by the combination of a number and a letter (for example, 6X or 30C). The number refers to the number of dilutions the tincture has undergone within a series to prepare that remedy. The letter refers to the proportions used in each dilution of the series (the Roman numeral X means 10, and the Roman numeral C means 100), as well as the number of succussions the vial of solution undergoes in each successive stage.

For example: To prepare a 6X potency of Ledum Palustre, one part of the Ledum mother tincture is combined in a vial with nine parts of the carrier liquid, and succussed ten times again, making a 2X solution. The process is repeated four more times, for a total of six dilutions and succussions—and the final result is a 6X potency of Ledum. (To make a 30C, one part of the tincture would be combined with ninety-nine parts of the carrier liquid and succussed 100 times in each of thirty steps.) Pellets, tablets, or powders are then medicated with the potentized liquid, or drops of the remedy are taken in liquid form.

The more dilutions and succussions a substance undergoes, the higher the potency will be. Higher potencies of homeopathic remedies (anything higher than 12C) have been diluted past the point that molecules of the original substance would be measurable in the solution.

HOMEOPATHIC POTENCY - how to choose the strength of the homeopathic remedy

The 6 potency is the lowest strength generally available and works very gently. It can be repeated frequently and you might expect several doses before an improvement is seen so careful thought should be given to its choice. It is usually taken three times a day for several days for acute ailments or for several weeks in chronic ailments. For urgent conditions increase the frequency to every 15 minutes for a few hours. but it's better to use a higher potency if you have it.

The 30 potency is the most common strength for acute ailments and probably the best to stock up on. It does not need repeating so often as the 6 strength and you will normally see an obvious improvement after the first dose or two. Often one dose is enough, only repeat if the same symptoms persist. If no improvement is seen after two doses of 30c it is probably the wrong remedy and should be changed. Best for most contagious and acute conditions.

The 200 potency and higher potencies are too strong for general use but are nonetheless recommended in some of the ailments under the ailments section. The 200 is indicated when the intensity of the symptoms is very high in acute conditions and when you know you have the right remedy. However the 200 is usually reserved for prescriptions in chronic ailments, where it has a long lasting and deep effect.

Therefore you would rarely give a 200 potency as a self prescribed first remedy in contagious or acute conditions unless clear indications for that precise remedy were there and the circumstances were very urgent (e.g. the patient had been involved in a serious accident) . Sometimes it may be needed following the successful use of a 30 potency where the same remedy was still indicated but the 30 potency no longer had an effect. Except in emergencies the 200 should not be repeated.

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